The steps to buying land and building house

Buying land and building can sound a little daunting but so many AVID Property Group customers rate it as one of their best life experiences. You can make your dream home come to life by taking just seven steps, and we’ve outlined it below: 

  1. Know how much you can spend

If you’re considering a move the very first step is to get an understanding of your budget.

This means engaging a mortgage broker or speaking to your bank and even getting a pre-approved loan, which can often be done without too much paperwork – some lenders even let you apply for this online. If you have a home you need to sell getting a real estate agent to provide you with an appraisal is a good idea so you have a professional’s opinion of what your existing home may be worth in the current market.

Since you’ll be building a brand new home on your block of land, you may be eligible for your state’s first home owner grant which can significantly boost your budget. 

  1. Find the right vibe

There’s always a practical side to buying but it’s also only human to want to move somewhere that feels good. Join Savana on social media, visit friends in the area, or spend time at the local parks and cafes of the community you may be considering.

When you visit, take the opportunity to have an initial chat with an AVID Property Group Project Sales Manager and they’ll be able to give you an indication of block types, sizes and availability and even talk to you about the different builders that know the area well. Our Sales Team will also be able to go through with you the different types of packages available so you can make a really informed decision when you are ready.

  1. Find a home and builder you love

All AVID Property Group communities not only have a great range of different block sizes and packages, but also a great selection of home designs and builders to choose from.

With a brand-new home build, you’ll be able to customise different elements to match your lifestyle and work with a consultant to really tailor your home to your style including colours, interior fixtures and fittings, and all the finishing touches to ensure your house turns out the way you always dreamt it would. 

  1. Choose the land that works for your home design

You’ve chosen a home and now it’s time to secure your dream block. You’ve already had some initial discussions and will feel more confident to lock in that perfect block for you. You’ve already had some initial discussions and will feel more confident to lock in that perfect block for you. Your AVID Property Project Sales Manager and your builder will be able to provide you with guidance on the different blocks that will suit the home you’ve chosen.

  1. Lock it all in

Now it’s time to go through the building contract in detail – this includes both the written contract and the final contract plans. It’s recommended you have a legal professional work with you at this stage to make sure everything is included in the paperwork.

This is also the time to pay your agreed deposit and send all the contract documents to your financial lender. 

  1. Get the right approvals

Before you build you’ll need to obtain the right consents from council and any other local authorities. Your builder will be able to guide you through this and often it is part of their service to obtain these for you. Some master-planned communities also have Design Guidelines which may require you to get your home design signed off by the developer to ensure it is in keeping with the rest of the community. View Design Guidelines here.

  1. Watch your new home come to life

After your block of land has been titled [registered], work can get started on constructing your new home. There may be a soil test before the workers arrive on-site, and then building is broken down into a few key stages: pouring the slab; putting up the frame; completing the exterior such as the walls, roof, windows and doors and then once it can be “locked up”, bringing your home to life on the inside. Your builder will talk to you about timeframes and what can vary these and will be able to guide you through this process. 

Importantly, when you buy land and build a home in an AVID Property Group community, you’ll have a dedicated person to help you every step of the way. 

You can start your new journey and update your profile now so we can send you information that’s relevant to you and your needs.